About Greenfuel

Former racing driver, Ingram Legge (left of picture) met Noel Lock, an environmentalist and former restaurant owner, whilst completing an MBA course at the University of Bath.

The pair identified the growning need for alternative fuels in the UK, to reduce harmful pollution and provide a cheaper alternative for motorists.

They discovered that LPG (autogas) was used extensively worldwide but had a small presence in Britain.

Following their research, Noel and Ingram formulated a business plan to boost the UK autogas industry.

History & Achievements

The Greenfuel Company was founded in February 2003. Operating from an office in Bath, the company provided UK drivers and fleet owners with advice and information about LPG and its benefits.

A selected network of installers was established to provide conversions across the UK. The Greenfuel Company opened their own workshop situated in Monkton Combe, Bath.


Greenfuel were appointed by the Bristol City Council to assist in establishing a ‘Clean Vehicle Support Network’ in the city. This appointment was made following a successful proposal to offer LPG conversion grants as part of the VIVALDI (Visionary and Vibrant Actions through Local transport Demonstartion Initiatives) project.

The VIVALDI project consisted a group of European cities who worked together to develop new clean urban transport strategies. It was part of the CIVITAS initiative, aiming to encourage the development and demonstration of ambitious innovative ideas that truly address the transport, energy and environmental problems of Europe’s cities.

Councillor Brown, Transport and Development Control Executive, presented Greenfuel with a certificate commending their contribution to the establishment of a clean fuel network in the Bristol area.


Greenfuel worked closely with the Powershift Register provided by the Energy Saving Trust.

The register detailed which vehicles gained exemption from London congestion charges. Greenfuel established an online quotation system.


Following extensive research and testing, The Greenfuel Company identify that BRC Gas Equipment provides the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance.

BRC UK representative, Peter Walker, is appointed as Greenfuel's technical director, enabling Greenfuel to supply the leading equipment with UK based technical support and after sales service.

Greenfuel were provided funding by the Dti (department of trade and industry) to produce 400 promotional packs as part of the BoostLPG initiative to encourage more people to use environmentally friendlier fuel.


Greenfuel became the sole supplier and distributor of BRC Gas Equipment to the UK market. BRC(GB)Ltd is founded, gaining UKLPG accredited status.


Greenfuel were chosen by GENeco, a part of Wessex Water who operate one of Britain’s biggest sewage treatment works to assist in the production of the first methane-powered vehicle.

The vehicle was converted by Greenfuel staff using the BRC Equipment.

Our friends and partners

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