Valve Care

LPG is stored in the tank as a liquid but it is vaporised to gaseous form before it reaches the engine, therefore losing the natural lubricating effect of a liquid (such as petrol).

For some vehicles, this can potentially cause damage to the valve seats in the engine. To compensate this issue, a valve protection system can be installed which will add a lubricant to the engine when it is running on LPG.

Some engines can adequately cope running on LPG without the risk of damage to the valve seats, other vehicles may require a basic level of protection or a more full-proof system.

What are the options?

The Manual System

The more basic of the 2 options, this system operates by drip feeding lubrication fluid directly into single point in the engine manifold. The lubricant is drawn into the engine by way of vacuum.

A reservoir is installed in the engine bay and topped up in the same way you would top up the windscreen wiper fluid. A small LED is fitted inside the vehicle to alert the driver when the fluid is low.

The Electronic System

This sophisticated system has an ECU which calculates the amount of lubricant needed.

A major benefit of the BRC system is that the lubricant is added to the LPG before it reaches the engine, ensuring it is delivered where it is needed.

As well as having an LED to alert the driver when the fluid is low, the system can be configured to automatically change the fuel supply from LPG to petrol, should the reservoir be empty of lubricant.

Range Rover LPG conversions are very popular and the majority of models do not require a valve protection system, except for the supercharged engine.

Pictured above is the reservoir bottle where the lubricant is added and the LED warning light (positioned next to the BRC switch) to notify the driver when the reservoir is low.  

Topping Up

If your vehicle requires a lubrication system, you will need to ensure that the reservoir is topped up. It is as easy as topping your windscreen wiper fluid. Only a small amount of lubrication fluid is need so it will have a very small impact on the huge savings you will make driving on LPG.

The lubrication fluid “Gaslube” can be purchased in 1 or 5 litre containers either from your installer or from this online store.